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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  May 19, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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girl asked the first lady about something her mother said. >> my mom said that barack obama is taking everyone away that doesn't have papers. >> that is something we have to work on , to make sure people can be here with the right kind of papers. that is exactly right. we have to fix that. >> the first lady was at the school to fight child of the city. mr. and mrs. obama will host their second state dinner. details are limited probably because of what happened at the last state dinner when the infamous salahis got in without tickets. 200 guests are expected, including eva longoria and george lopez.
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they are also bringing in their favorite chef from chicago. >> elena kagan will get to answer questions on june 18. she continues courtesy calls on capitol hill, visiting democratic senators, including ross fine gold. so far, her road to confirmation as been smith. >> voters -- has been smith. >> the election results show voters want change and don't care what party brings it. rebecca cooper has the details. >> call it treacherous tuesday even though the victories were quite partisan. the mood and the message from voters seems clear, they want new people in washington. some big names in washington were wiped out. those once considered marginal players are the new heavyweights. starting with rand paul, the son
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of ron paul. not since the boston harbor has a tea party sent this much of a wake-up call. >> we have come to take our government back. >> democrat turned republican turned democrat known as arlen spector seemed to wipe away a tear, sensing an end to the longest career in history. he was swept out by a two-term democrat. >> it has been a great privilege to serve the people of pennsylvania. >> arkansas's democratic incumbent was forced into a runoff while party leaders were left to focus on the house race. >> i think it clearly reflects
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that democrats are not only on the run, but are on the offense. >> this was the seat held by john murtha, not even considered buyable until this year. when arlen specter switched parties the white house gave him his full backing. but aides had him by passed pennsylvania in favor of ohio in campaigning. -- they have had bypass pennsylvania. >> it is no fun to get a traffic ticket in d.c. soon it could be even more painful. john gonzales is live with details on adrian fenty's recent proposal. >> the proposal includes new finds that will generate $28 million, but the city council is
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revolting, saying the mayor has mismanaged money for years. >> mayor adrian fenty is looking to add nearly 700 fees to help close the budget gap. >> it is terrible because parking rates are already expensive. >> the city council is keeping its distance. >> what the mayor was trying to do was smart politically, which was send this to us so he could blame us. >> council members are refusing to vote, insisting the mary use his executive power to pass it. >> a lot of things have to come to council for approval. >> new regulations would require residences to pay more for building permits. it would increase more than 75 traffic fines like coming to -- failing to come to a complete stop. failing to use your turn signal
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would also be a higher ticket. >> i feel like to raise rates higher than what they already are is ridiculous. >> this d.c. resident does not agree with a proposal but thinks the city council is getting off easy. >> the council is there for our welfare and they should have our best interests at heart. >> the mayor was not available for comment, but his office said the administration will comply with the council's vote to have the executive implementation of the finds increased. [inaudible] coming up, the other locations he considered. >> did the tar balls come from the recent oil spill?
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>> you are watching abc 7 news with courtney peterson, maureen bunyan, -- with gordon peterson.
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>> protests are sweeping through bangkok today. protesters set fire to dozens of buildings. thousands of anti-government protesters are demanding the current prime minister stepped down and new elections be held. 42 people have been killed. pakistan's government is blocking face but -- is blocking facebook. students rallied, telling users to ban them for tolerating that page. we are learning more about other targets by the times square bombing suspects. faisal shahzad considered targeting grand central station, rockefeller center and the world financial center.
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he made his first court appearance today. a kentucky high school student sent joe biden a scolding letter and he got a response. he asked joe biden for an apology after he is the "f word" to describe what a big deal the passage of the health care reform bill. oil spilling into the gulf of mexico and efforts to stop. -- efforts to stop it. >> the nationals are at home against the nets. the redskins are talking about the canadian doctors drug case. wait until you hear what ted le
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>> oil is washing onto some louisiana marshlands. once it is there, the oil is difficult to clean up. >> but bp is reporting some success to slow down the oil
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spill. >> florida's fears are unfounded for now. >> it is horrible. >> the coast guard says tar balls at floated onto the shores did not come from the oil spill. bp says it is siphoning more oil than ever. that leaves at least 2,000 barrels a day still escaping into the gulf, prompting a fishing ban. >> i don't know what will happen. >> bp's chairman said in an investigational hearing that the government is to blame. >> i call this the obama oil spill timeline. >> it is inflammatory to call it the obama oil spill and wrong. >> the mineral management service has come under fire for how it regulates offshore drilling.
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ken salazar announced it will be changed in an effort to remove conflicts of interests. >> i am ordering the division of mms into 3 distinct entities. >> the state department says the u.s. is having talks about the spill with cuba, reflecting concerns it may travel beyond the gulf of mexico. bp plans to try another way to stop the oil spill this weekend. the plan involves shooting mud into the well and followed by some men. -- followed by cement. >> did you know that may is national older americans heritage month? >> i have been celebrating all month. >> they invited me to join in their celebration. it was an honor to talk about the same, age strong, live long.
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70% are over the age of 40 and are limiting that theme -- live in that same period >> it is not how old you are -- lived in that theme. and talkget into this about rainshowers that popped up. there is this upper area of disturbance. these showers popped up and the big picture shows they are a little showers. if you live up towards flint hill, you have a shower overhead. it will eventually drift east towards the interstate 95 corridor. that is about it. a trend of clearing skies during the overnight hours. then it will be sunshine and warm weather. let's check the weatherbug.
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67 degrees in fredericksburg. 59 degrees right now in barnesville. below average temperatures. 67 and 51. 96 and 43 were the records. 61 degrees in leesburg. lo 60 posada around the port, but this time tomorrow we will have to -- lo 60's around the board. most of the rain moved offshore early today. this system is whipping up a couple of little showers. that is about all we will deal with tonight. tomorrow and friday looked terrific with lots of sunshine. it will be a widespread area up sunshine. we will be a couple of degrees
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above average. another disturbance will come in and maybe give us an isolated shower on saturday and sunday. sunshine and maybe fog in the morning, but noticeably warmer. highs near 80 degrees. may 80's on friday it with increasing clouds shattered a. -- with increasing clouds saturday. >> the toyota sports desk come up brought to you by your local toyota dealer. >> who is on the nba draft? >> they get the number 1 pick, that is as good as it gets. we have some of the best athletes in the country. last night was a great night for the future of the wizards. now the experts are debating whether the experts -- whether
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the windsors should take john wall. he is the best player out there by far. gilbert arenas should love the fact he can move over to shooting guard. hit was asked about his top pick. >> when you ask someone -- he was asked about his top pick. >> you can have people who say maybe i will want to go there. you look to see if you can get someone. >> he will not answer that question. i am asked about the future of gilbert arenas. last night ted leonsis spoke to us about his take on gilbert arenas. you decide. >> last year there was a lot of turmoil not only in his personal life, but what it brought to the franchise.
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my style is do not have any opinions. i want to meet him. i am predisposed to liking him and hopefully he will respect me, but we have to schedule that meeting. >> john wall and gilbert arenas will be one heck of a team. the nationals play the mets tonight. they need to turn things around. jimmy had a meeting on the mound this afternoon. they caught up with the ryan zimmerman. >> obviously we did not win as many games as we wanted to, but that is just the way it goes. you will go through some times where you lose instead of winning. we will just keep playing good baseball and hopefully wins will come/ >> the drug case involving a
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canadian doctor was a hot topic. an affidavit indicates a football player from washington call the doctor to request a session. >> if there is a case here, it might be a small distraction, but we have to move on. >> our play of the day comes from college baseball. watch the center fielder. the dive and the catch. he holds on. that is our catch of the day. police and porter urrego said -- police in puerto rico say one baseball player was held up today. he was not injured. a scary story there. >> guests are starting to arrive at the white house for the state dinner. there is a live picture. we don't see any guests.
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politicians and celebrities are riding. there are a couple. they will celebrate -- that is bill richardson, at the governor of new mexico. there are 200 guests expected, including entertainers. >> to is this? >> george lopez. >> the obama's have brought in their favorite mexican restaurant chef from chicago to cook for them this evening. back to politics. a wave of anti-incumbent fervor is threatening to unseat a number of longtime office holders in congress. we have more in today's political pulse. >> it turns out shareholders are just as fired up as voters which
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means many longtime corporate boards of directors are just as nervous. there are many concerns agitating voters, the economy, part bonuses and a perception that leaders have failed
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>> a celebrity of a different
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kind hit a homerun. paula dean donated food to the food bank. and her meeting with american troops and their families also to lead. they'll be part of a special recognition of service members during tonight's game. >> i was not trying to save george lopez looked like -- [unintelligible] >> we got it. >> a couple of showers out there, but it will not be anything more than a sprinkles. temperatures back in the 80's on friday. >> have a good night. [ beeping ]
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